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Breast Augmentation for Thin and Athletic Patients

Mr. Hazim Sadideen has a specialist expertise in breast augmentation for thin (skinny) and athletic patients. With a focus on achieving natural-looking results while catering to unique body types.

Breast Augmentation for Thin and Athletic Patients

1. Breast Augmentation using Stem-Cell Enriched Fat (Natural breast augmentation)

Mr. Hazim Sadideen specialises in breast augmentation using fat transfer to breasts, including stem-cell enriched fat, a cutting-edge procedure that combines the benefits of fat transfer and stem cell technology. This technique involves enriching the patient's own fat cells with their own stem cells (SVF). The aim of this is to enhance the survival and integration of the transferred fat, hopefully leading to a greater volume of fat retention.

The UK’s 1st StemForm case: In 2024, Mr. Hazim Sadideen performed the UK's first Stemform Breast Augmentation, showcasing his expertise in this innovative approach. Stemform involves a two-stage procedure, 16 days apart. The first involves a minimal volume liposuction to harvest fat cells, which are then sent to a specialist lab in Denmark for culture and enrichment. This is then followed by a formal liposuction and fat transfer to breasts, where the patient’s fat is enriched with their own stem cells. Please read more about Stemform here:

Based on his expertise in regenerative plastic surgery, Mr. Sadideen now offers a single-stage stem cell enrichment for suitable patients.

Post-Operative Protocol: Mr. Sadideen has pioneered a post-operative protocol aimed at optimising healing and maximizing fat retention post-procedure, ensuring long-lasting and natural-looking results for patients. He works with a dedicated team and this involves pre-operative and post-operative measures (to modulate inflammatory pathways).

2. Breast Augmentation using MOTIVA Implants

For patients who do not have sufficient donor site fat, or who prefer greater volume and would like an implant-based augmentation, Mr. Hazim Sadideen offers breast augmentation using MOTIVA implants. MOTIVA implants are known for their advanced design and customisation options, catering to a wide range of patient needs.

MOTIVA Implant Types: Mr. Sadideen utilises the MOTIVA Ergonomix 1 and 2 ranges, which are designed to mimic the natural movement and feel of breast tissue, ensuring a more natural appearance and texture.

Implant Texture: The MOTIVA implants used by Mr. Sadideen feature a soft, nanotextured (virtually smooth, hence known as silky-smooth) shell, helping the implant integrate with the surrounding tissues. These implants are known to provide a natural look and feel to the augmented breasts.

Please read more about MOTIVA implants here:

Crisalix: To assist patients in choosing the most appropriate implant size, Mr. Sadideen utilises Crisalix simulation technology. This cutting-edge software allows patients to visualise potential outcomes, helping them make informed decisions about their breast augmentation procedure.

You can pre-trial this programme using this unique link offered by Mr. Hazim Sadideen:

At your consult a more advanced version of the programme is used, in conjunction with actual sizers so you can assess how heavy the implants will feel.

3. Hybrid (Composite) Breast Augmentation

In select cases where a combination of volume enhancement and where this may not be achieved with implants alone, Mr. Sadideen offers hybrid breast augmentation using both implants and fat transfer techniques. This approach allows for customised results tailored to each patient's unique anatomy and aesthetic goals, such as a subtle volumisation and projection, with the fat graft strategically placed to improve the cleavage or upper pole.

With @drhazlondon, each breast augmentation procedure is tailored to the individual patient, ensuring natural-looking results that harmonise with your body proportions and lifestyle.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore your options for achieving your desired breast appearance.

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