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Ruski: Filler is one of the most harmless and effective decorative methods to combat skin aging

Filler is one of the most harmless and effective decorative methods to combat skin aging

The Cadogan Clinic , a clinic in London, offers various types of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Here are the best doctors who are members of the prestigious British Association of Plastic Surgery 'BAAPS'.

Hazim Sadideen - specializes in face, breast and body plastics. He works in a team with Maryam Zamani, an ophthalmologist at the Cadogan Clinic. Dr. Sadideen is very attentive to the wishes of the patients and individually approaches the result. The drug he often uses is Juvederm Voluma. This is a well-known filler, which consists of three components combined in certain proportions. Among them: hyaluronic acid - responsible for moisturizing and regenerating the skin, lidocaine - which reduces unpleasant and painful sensations during the injection, as well as an auxiliary component - phosphate buffer, which reduces puffiness after the procedure and maintains the PH level of the skin. Juvederm Voluma is used in contour plastics to correct certain areas of the face. An additional advantage of its use is the elimination of wrinkles, folds and natural irregularities of the epidermis. It is often used to restore volume in the cheekbones, sagging cheeks or chin. It is a denser filler and is inserted a little deeper than with biorevitalization. The result lasts about a year, then the filler is absorbed and completely excreted from the body. Dr. Hazim Sadideen has done interesting research on the role of classical music in plastic surgery under local anesthesia. In such surgeries, when the patient is awake, classical music reduces stress and anxiety and relieves patients' pain. Soothing music stabilizes the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and thus helps with stress. Listening to pleasant music has been found to stimulate the brain system as a pleasure center as much as humor or delicious food. Music soothes and improves your health.

Cadogan clinic : 120 Sloane St, Chelsea, London SW1X 9BW

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